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The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues (GISOI) focuses on identifying and analyzing issues relating to the LGBTQIA+ community at UC San Diego.

Know Theyself

For Hillary Whittington and Vivienne Ming, the road to self-discovery was marked by courage, acceptance and the will to live an authentic life.

Hillary Whittington and Vivienne Ming
UC San Diego physicians from the Gender Management Clinic

Offering Care to Children With Gender Identity Issues

UC San Diego physicians head Gender Management Clinic, offering care to children with gender identity issues

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Events & News

Conversations across generations help unite campus LGBT community: “I think it is important for different generations to interact because you can learn so much from each other,” said UC San Diego undergraduate Joelle Victoriano.

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Students, faculty and staff play an integral role in removing barriers and challenging discrimination by becoming involved in both outreach and awareness programs, as well as associations offered on campus and in the community.

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